Archaeological chemistry IV developed from a symposium sponsored by the Division of History of Chemistry at the 193rd meeting of the American Chemical Society, Denver, Colorado, April 5-10, 1987

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Other Authors: Allen, Ralph O.
Corporate Author: American Chemical Society. Division of the History of Chemistry.
Format: eBook
Published: Washington, DC : American Chemical Society, 1989
Series:Advances in chemistry series ; 220.
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ISBN:9780841224025 (ebook)
0841224021 (ebook)
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Table of Contents:
  • The role of chemists in archaeological studies / Ralph O. Allen
  • Lithic material from the Mesolithic and early Neolithic periods of Portugal : instrumental neutron activation analysis / R.G.V. Hancock, L.A. Pavlish and P.J. Sheppard
  • Archaeological implications of differences in the composition of Nile sediments / Ralph O. Allen, Hany Hamroush and Michael A. Hoffman
  • Compositional data analysis in archaeology / Ronald L. Bishop and Hector Neff
  • Compositional classification of Mexican majolica ceramics of the Spanish colonial period / Jacqueline S. Olin and M. James Blackman
  • Analysis of Neolithic Iranian ceramics / R.G.V. Hancock, S.J. Fleming and W.D. Glanzman
  • Trace element analysis of Pueblo II Kayenta Anasazi sherds / Richard O. Foust, Jr., J. Richard Ambler and Larry D. Turner
  • Heated mineral mixtures related to ancient ceramic pastes : x-ray diffraction study / Richard S. Mitchell and Steven C. Hart
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  • Bronze Age archaeometallurgy of the Mediterranean : the impact of lead isotope studies / No{uml}el H. Gale and Zofia A. Stos-Gale
  • Instrumental neutron activation analyses of metal residues excavated at Tel Dan, Israel / Mirela C. Manea-Krichten, Nancy Heidebrecht and George E. Miller
  • Chemical composition of copper-based coins of the Roman Republic, 217-31 B.C. / Giles F. Carter and Hossein Razi
  • Two medieval enameled objects studied by x-ray fluorescence / Philip K. Hopke ... [et al.]
  • Ancient gold solders : what was chrysocolla? / G. Demortier
  • Applications of infrared microspectroscopy to art historical questions about medieval manuscripts / Mary Virginia Orna ... [et al.]
  • Archaeological sites as physicochemical systems : macroarchaeometry of the tomb of Nefertari, Valley of the Queens, Egypt / G. Burns, K.M. Wilson-Yang and J.E. Smeaton
  • Carbon dating the Shroud of Turin : a test of recent improvements in the technique / Garman Harbottle and Walden Heino
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  • Radiocalcium dating : potential applications in archaeology and paleoanthropology / R.E. Taylor ... [et al.]
  • Human bones as archaeological samples : changes due to contamination and diagenesis / A. El-Kammar, R.G.V. Hancock and Ralph O. Allen
  • Electron spin resonance study of bones from the Paleolithic site at Zhoukoudian, China / K.D. Sales, G.V. Robins and D. Oduwole
  • Residues and linings in ancient Mediterranean transport amphoras / Curt W. Beck, Christopher J. Smart and Dorreen J. Ossenkop
  • Analysis of Mexican amber by carbon-13 NMR spectroscopy / Joseph B. Lambert ... [et al.]
  • Detection of the human origin of blood or tissue : use of a monoclonal antibody specific to human albumin / John C. Herr, David C. Benjamin and Michael P. Woodward
  • Isotope measurements and provenance studies of the Shroud of Turin / Robert H. Dinegar and Larry A. Schwalbe
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  • Historical silk flags studied by scanning electron microscopy - energy dispersive x-ray spectrometry / M. Ballard ... [et al.]
  • Characterization of historical and artificially aged silk fabrics / S.P. Hersh, P.A. Tucker and M.A. Becker
  • Determination of elemental distribution in ancient fibers / Kathryn A. Jakes and Allen Angel
  • Photomicrography and statistical sampling of pseudomorphs after textiles / L.R. Sibley ... [et al.].