William Irvine

William Irvine may refer to: *William Irvine (soldier) (c. 1298–?), Clerk of the Rolls for Scotland *William Irvine (general) (1741–1804), American Revolutionary War general, congressman from Pennsylvania *Col. William Irvine (18th century), American Revolutionary soldier and pioneer, namesake of Irvine, Kentucky *William Irvine (lawyer) (1820–1882), American Civil War soldier, congressman from New York *William Irvine (historian) (1840–1911), Scottish administrator of the Indian Civil Service, known for works on the Moghul Empire *William Irvine (Australian politician) (1858–1943), Premier of Victoria *William Irvine (Scottish evangelist) (1863–1947), evangelist considered the founder of various nameless sects *William Irvine (Canadian politician) (1885–1962), Canadian politician *William Irvine (rugby union) (1898–1952), New Zealand rugby union player *William C. Irvine (missionary) (1871–1946), editor of the Indian Christian and author of ''Modern Heresies Exposed'' (1917) *William Irvine (Rhodesian politician) (fl. 1980s) *William D. Irvine (born 1944), Canadian historian *Willie Irvine (born 1943), footballer from Northern Ireland, played for Burnley, Preston, Brighton & Hove Albion and Northern Ireland *Willie Irvine (footballer, born 1956), Scottish footballer, played for Alloa, Motherwell and Hibernian *Willie Irvine (footballer, born 1963), Scottish footballer, played for Hibernian, Airdrie, Dunfermline, Alloa and Stenhousemuir *William S. Irvine (1851–1942), member of the Wisconsin Legislature *William Irvine (bishop) (fl. 1718), Scottish bishop *William Irvine (chemist) (1743–1787), Scottish doctor and chemist *William Mann Irvine (1865–1928), American academic *William C. Irvine (politician) (1852–1924), American politician in Wyoming *Bill Irvine (1926–2008), ballroom dancer Provided by Wikipedia
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by Irvine, William, 1934- Published: 1998