Computational Science and Its Applications – ICCSA 2010 : International Conference, Fukuoka, Japan, March 23-26, 2010, Proceedings, Part II

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Vydáno: Berlin ; Heidelberg : Springer Berlin Heidelberg, 2010
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  • Workshop on Numerical Methods and Modeling/Simulations in Computational Science and Engineering (NMMS 2010)
  • The Use of Shadow Regions in Multi Region FDM: High Precision Cylindrically Symmetric Electrostatics
  • Fast Forth Power and Its Application in Inversion Computation for a Special Class of Trinomials
  • Computational Study of Compressive Loading of Carbon Nanotubes
  • plrint5d: A Five-Dimensional Automatic Cubature Routine Designed for a Multi-core Platform
  • Development of Quadruple Precision Arithmetic Toolbox QuPAT on Scilab
  • Agent Based Evacuation Model with Car-Following Parameters by Means of Cellular Automata
  • A Cellular Automata Based Approach for Prediction of Hot Mudflow Disaster Area
  • Stochastic Optimization Approaches to Image Reconstruction in Electrical Impedance Tomography
  • Estimating Soil Parameters Using the Kernel Function
  • A Genetic Algorithm for Efficient Delivery Vehicle Operation Planning Considering Traffic Conditions
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  • On the Possibilities of Multi-core Processor Use for Real-Time Forecast of Dangerous Convective Phenomena
  • Transformation, Reduction and Extrapolation Techniques for Feynman Loop Integrals
  • Workshop on PULSES V- Logical, Scientific and Computational Aspects of Pulse Phenomena in Transitions (PULSES 2010)
  • Application of Wavelet-Basis for Solution of the Fredholm Type Integral Equations
  • Fractal Patterns in Prime Numbers Distribution
  • Efficient Energy Supply from Ground Coupled Heat Transfer Source
  • A Study of Nonlinear Time–Varying Spectral Analysis Based on HHT, MODWPT and Multitaper Time–Frequency Reassignment
  • Performance Analysis of Greenhouses with Integrated Photovoltaic Modules
  • Modelling Cutaneous Senescence Process
  • Self-similar Hierarchical Regular Lattices
  • Workshop on Software Engineering Processes and Applications (SEPA 2010)
  • Model Driven Software Development of Applications Based on Web Services
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  • An Aspect-Oriented Approach for Mobile Embedded Software Modeling
  • Multi-variate Principal Component Analysis of Software Maintenance Effort Drivers
  • Process Model Based Incremental Project Planning
  • A Software Metric for Python Language
  • Certifying Algorithms for the Path Cover and Related Problems on Interval Graphs
  • Design and Overhead Estimation of Device Driver Process
  • Improvement of Gaze Estimation Robustness Using Pupil Knowledge
  • Workshop on WEB 2.0 and Social Networks (Web2.0 2010)
  • Behaviour-Based Web Spambot Detection by Utilising Action Time and Action Frequency
  • Towards the Definition of a Metamodel for the Conceptual Specification of Web Applications Based on Social Networks
  • Semi-automatic Information Extraction from Discussion Boards with Applications for Anti-Spam Technology
  • Factors Involved in Estimating Cost of Email Spam
  • Spam 2.0: The Problem Ahead
  • General Track on Information Systems and Technologies
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  • Tag Recommendation for Flickr Using Web Browsing Behavior
  • USABAGILE_Web: A Web Agile Usability Approach for Web Site Design
  • Combining CSP and Constraint-Based Mining for Pattern Discovery
  • Experience in Developing an Open Source Scalable Software Infrastructure in Japan
  • A New Formal Test Method for Networked Software Integration Testing
  • General Track on Computational Methods, Algorithms and Scientific Application
  • Automatic History Matching in Petroleum Reservoirs Using the TSVD Method
  • An Efficient Hardware Architecture from C Program with Memory Access to Hardware
  • A New Approach: Component-Based Multi-physics Coupling through CCA-LISI
  • Efficient Algorithms for the 2-Center Problems
  • A Genetic Algorithm for Integration Planning of Assembly Operation and Machine Layout
  • General Track on Advanced and Emerging Applications
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  • Diagnosis of Learning Styles Based on Active/Reflective Dimension of Felder and Silverman’s Learning Style Model in a Learning Management System
  • Exploring the State of the Art in Adaptive Distributed Learning Environments
  • Analysis of an Implicitly Restarted Simpler GMRES Variant of Augmented GMRES
  • On the Linearity of Cryptographic Sequence Generators