Geometric Algebra Computing : in Engineering and Computer Science

Geometric algebra provides a rich and general mathematical framework for the development of solutions, concepts and computer algorithms without losing geometric insight into the problem in question. Many current mathematical subjects can be treated in an unified manner without abandoning the mathema...

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Scheuermann, Gerik (Editor)
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Vydáno: London : Springer London : 2010
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  • Geometric Algebra
  • New Tools for Computational Geometry and Rejuvenation of Screw Theory
  • Tutorial: Structure-Preserving Representation of Euclidean Motions Through Conformal Geometric Algebra
  • Engineering Graphics in Geometric Algebra
  • Parameterization of 3D Conformal Transformations in Conformal Geometric Algebra
  • Clifford Fourier Transform
  • Two-Dimensional Clifford Windowed Fourier Transform
  • The Cylindrical Fourier Transform
  • Analyzing Real Vector Fields with Clifford Convolution and Clifford-Fourier Transform
  • Clifford-Fourier Transform for Color Image Processing
  • Hilbert Transforms in Clifford Analysis
  • Image Processing, Wavelets and Neurocomputing
  • Geometric Neural Computing for 2D Contour and 3D Surface Reconstruction
  • Geometric Associative Memories and Their Applications to Pattern Classification
  • Classification and Clustering of Spatial Patterns with Geometric Algebra
  • QWT: Retrospective and New Applications
  • Computer Vision
  • Image Sensor Model Using Geometric Algebra: From Calibration to Motion Estimation
  • Model-Based Visual Self-localization Using Gaussian Spheres
  • Conformal mapping and Fluid Analysis
  • Geometric Characterization of Geometric Algebra
  • Some Applications of Gröbner Bases in Robotics and Engineering