Archaeological chemistry organic, inorganic, and biochemical analysis : developed from a symposium sponsored by the Division of the History of Chemistry, the Division of Chemical Education, Inc., the Division of Analytical Chemistry, and the ACS Committees on Education and on Science at the 209th National Meeting of the American Chemical Society, Anaheim, California, April 2-6, 1995

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Other Authors: Orna, Mary Virginia.
Corporate Authors: American Chemical Society. Division of the History of Chemistry.
American Chemical Society. Meeting
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Published: Washington, DC : American Chemical Society, 1996
Series:ACS symposium series ; 625.
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ISBN:9780841215740 (ebook)
084121574X (ebook)
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Table of Contents:
  • New directions in archaeological chemistry / Mary Virginia Orna and Joseph B. Lambert
  • Analysis of ninth century Thai glass / Joseph B. Lambert, Suzanne C. Johnson, Robert T. Parkhurst, and Bennet Bronson
  • Chemical chronology of turquoise blue glass trade beads from the Lac-Saint-Jean region of Qu{acute}ebec / R.G.V. Hancock, S. Aufreiter, J.-F. Moreau, and I. Kenyon
  • Dating flint artifacts with electron spin resonance: problems and prospects / Anne F. Skinner and Mark N. Rudolph
  • Provenance studies on Easter Island obsidian : an archaeological application / F.R. Beardsley, G.G. Goles, and W.S. Ayres
  • Chrono-cultural technique based on the instrumental neutron activation analysis of copper-based artifacts from the "contact" period of northeastern North America / J.-F. Moreau and R.G.V. Hancock
  • Electron microprobe and neutron activation analysis of gold artifacts from a 1000 A.D. Peruvian gravesite / Adon A. Gordus, Carl E. Henderson, and Izumi Shimada
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  • Chemical compositions of Tiberian asses, 15-23 A.D. / Giles F. Carter
  • Copper-based synthetic medieval blue pigments / Mary Virginia Orna
  • Archaeological applications of inductively coupled plasma-mass spectrometry / R.H. Tykot and S.M.M. Young
  • Studies of soils from an Aleutian Island site / Henry J. Chaya
  • Chemical analysis of residues in floors and the reconstruction of ritual activities at the Templo Mayor, Mexico / L.A. Barba, A. Ortiz, K.F. Link, L. L{acute}opez Luj{acute}an, and L. Lazos
  • Application of multimolecular biomarker techniques to the identification of fecal material in archaeological soils and sediments / Richard P. Evershed and Philip H. Bethell
  • Investigation of fiber mineralization using Fourier transform infrared microscopy / R.D. Gillard and S.M. Hardman
  • X-ray diffractometric analyses of microstructure of mineralized plant fibers / H.L. Chen, D.W. Foreman, and Kathryn A. Jakes
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  • Clues to the past : further development of the comparative plant fiber collection / Kathryn A. Jakes
  • Updating recent studies on the Shroud of Turin / Alan D. Adler
  • A re-evaluation of the radiocarbon date of the Shroud of Turin based on biofractionation of carbon isotopes and a fire-simulating model / D.A. Kouznetsov, A.A. Ivanov, and P.R. Veletsky
  • Factors that affect the apparent radiocarbon age of textiles / A.J.T. Jull, D.J. Donahue, and P.E. Damon
  • Analysis of cellulose chemical modification : a potentially promising technique for characterizing archaeological textiles / D.A. Kouznetsov, A.A. Ivanov, and P.R. Veletsky
  • Historico-chemical analysis of plant dyestuffs used in textiles from ancient Israel / Zvi C. Koren
  • Thermoluminescent analysis of burned bone : assessing the problems / Patrick T. McCutcheon
  • Trace elements in bone as paleodietary indicators / James H. Burton
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  • An electron microprobe evaluation of diagenetic alteration in archaeological bone / Diana M. Greenlee
  • Stable isotope analysis of bone collagen, bone apatite, and tooth enamel in the reconstruction of human diet : a case study from Cuello, Belize / R.H. Tykot, N.J. van der Merwe, and N. Hammond
  • Amino acid racemization and the effects of microbial diagenesis / A.M. Child
  • Ancient DNA in Texas rock paintings / Ronnie L. Reese, Elmo J. Mawk, James N. Derr, Marian Hyman, Marvin W. Rowe, and Scott K. Davis
  • Ancient nucleic acids in Prehispanic Mexican populations / R. Vargas-Sanders, Z. Salazar, and Ma.C. Enriquez
  • Radiocarbon dating of ancient rock paintings / W.A. Ilger, Marian Hyman, J. Southon, and Marvin W. Rowe
  • Radiocarbon calibration and the peopling of North America / C.M. Batt and A.M. Pollard
  • Accelerator mass spectrometry radiocarbon measurement of submilligram samples / D.L. Kirner, J. Southon, P.E. Hare, and R.E. Taylor.