Victor Isakov

Victor Isakov (born 1947) is a mathematician working in the field of inverse problems for partial differential equations and related topics (potential theory, uniqueness of continuation and Carleman estimates, nonlinear functional analysis and calculus of variation). He is currently distinguished professor in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at Wichita State University.

His areas of professional interest include:

*Inverse problems of gravimetry (general uniqueness conditions and local solvability theorems) and related problems of imaging including prospecting active part of the brain and the source of noise of the aircraft from exterior measurements of electromagnetic and acoustical fields. *Inverse problems of conductivity (uniqueness of discontinuous conductivity and numerical methods) and their applications to medical imaging and nondestructive testing of materials for cracks and inclusions. *Inverse scattering problems (uniqueness and stability of penetrable and soft scatterers). *Finding constitutional laws from experimental data (reconstructing nonlinear partial differential equation from all or some boundary data). *Uniqueness of the continuation for hyperbolic equations and systems of mathematical physics. *The inverse option pricing problem. Provided by Wikipedia
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