Ivan Horbachevsky

Ivan Horbachevsky (, ''Ivan Jakovyč Horbačevskyj''; 5 May 1854, Zarubińce – 24 May 1942, Prague) also known as Jan Horbaczewski, Johann Horbaczewski or Ivan Horbaczewski, was an eminent Austrian chemist and politician of Ukrainian origin.

From 1872 to 1878 he studied medicine at the University of Vienna, Austria. In 1883 he was appointed extraordinary professor and, in 1884, ordinary professor at the University of Prague by the Emperor, and was the rector of the same university for a time. He is particularly known for his contributions in organic chemistry and biochemistry. He was the first to synthesise uric acid from glycine in 1882. He also noticed that aminoacids were building blocks of proteins. Horbachevsky worked in Austria, Czechoslovakia, Hungary and Ukraine. In Imperial Austria, he was appointed minister of public health in the summer of 1918, heading the first health ministry in Europe. Provided by Wikipedia
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Chemie lékařská.

by Horbaczewski, Jan, 1854-1942 Published: 1908

Chemie lékařská

by Horbaczewski, Jan, 1854-1942 Published: 2019