Brian Butterworth

Brian Butterworth FBA (born 3 January 1944) is emeritus professor of cognitive neuropsychology in the Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience at University College London. His research has ranged from speech errors and pauses, short-term memory deficits, dyslexia, reading both in alphabetic scripts and Chinese, and mathematics and dyscalculia. His book ''The Mathematical Brain'' has been translated into four languages. He was Editor-in-Chief of ''Linguistics'' (1978–1983) and a founding editor of the journals ''Language and Cognitive Processes'' and ''Mathematical Cognition''. He is a Fellow of the British Academy.

In 1984 he diagnosed President Ronald Reagan on the basis of speech errors in his presidential re-election speeches in an article in the Sunday Times as having Alzheimer's disease ten years before this was formally identified. He was a coauthor in 1971 of a pamphlet, ''Marked for life'', critical of university examinations.

He designed the world's largest mathematical experiment involving over 18,000 people at Explore-At-Bristol. In the serious game for elementary school children with dyscalculia, ''Meister Cody'', he lends his voice to Quoun, the Guardian of the Trees. Provided by Wikipedia
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