Wilhelm von Beetz

Gravesite of Beetz at [[Alter Nordfriedhof (Munich) Wilhelm von Beetz (27 March 1822 – 22 January 1886) was a German physicist, known for his studies of electrical conductivity properties.

Von Beetz was born in Berlin. He studied physics, chemistry and physiology in Berlin, and after completion of studies, remained in Berlin as an instructor of physics at the Cadet Corps, followed by duties as a teacher at the artillery and engineering school. Afterwards, he was a professor at the universities of Bern (from 1856) and Erlangen (from 1858). In 1868 he became a professor at the Polytechnic in Munich, where in 1874 he was appointed director.

In 1845 he was co-founder of Deutsche Physikalische Gesellschaft. In 1869 he became a member of the Bavarian Academy of Sciences, and in 1882 was named president of the Internationalen Elektrizitäts-Ausstellung (International Electricity Exposition) in Munich. He died in Munich. Provided by Wikipedia
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Leitfaden der Physik

by Beetz, Wilhelm von Published: 1883